Here we are at the start of another week. Counting up the days I see that I only have just over a week left of my 40 day EFT programme. So, I thought I'd take stock of where I am with it all and share some experiences with you.

Firstly, although it's been a challenge at times, I've managed to fit in a daily EFT session; most sessions averaging out at about half an hour. Prior to starting  the tapping process I have found it useful to start the clearing process with  a short mindfulness breathing meditation; an enabling practise that helps you get in touch with yourself, as it stills the mind and creates greater focus and clarity of thought. It's also deeply relaxing. So, great for busy women. Even if this is all you can manage to fit in I urge you to give it  a try. You might  be surprised just how much more productive and effective you'll be as a result.

Also, I  have found journal  keeping useful. After the meditation I  jot down a few notes about the day and see what emotions come up; chances are there's bound to be some negative stuff in there that needs clearing first. I can then focus in on clearing any deeper issues.

So to an over view of the last 7 days.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for singers, actors & musicians.

The week started off with yet more work on clearing out old memories.  I discovered that, although it's hard to clear painful memories, it pays to be honest and specific about situations and any associated emotions; the two  golden rules for effective EFT. By getting specific very often what can occur is that other issues will also collapse without you actually working on them. Also, as with previous weeks, I found that I was able to clear issues more effectively by working on limiting beliefs. Actually, it never ceases to amaze me how this can fix all sorts of other areas in your life without you even knowing it! Part of what makes EFT such an elegant solution for creating wellbeing.

By the middle of the week I felt as if I'd  turned some kind of corner. A shift had occurred, although I wasn't sure what specifically. Sometimes I find with EFT that changes occur later and often in a surprising way. Overall, though I felt well this week with  a greater sense of happiness and no joint pain issues - such a relief.

It seems to me that, when it comes to nurturing well being,  EFT is a great self help tool with many applications. In my experience it can also be quite pivotal when it comes to going from where you are to where you want to be.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for singers, actors & musicians.

We all have challenges to face in our lives. Older women especially may  have to deal with  new challenges brought on by health or marital problems, bereavement, or loss. If you're going through an emotionally  difficult time but need help, then assistance from a professional EFT practitioner may be one of the best investments you'll ever make in your life.

Here's to another week of discovery with EFT.