Throughout history performers - be they singers, musicians, actors or dancers - have had a special role to play in society. However, the going -  both on and off stage - can often be tough, with much that can adversely impact on both emotional wellbeing and performance. That's where EFT comes in.  

If you're sitting here reading this then you've  probably encountered some, or all, of the following  -

  • Stage fright
  • Performance related panic attacks
  • Pre audition/performance anxiety
  • Self doubt
  • Low mood or depression that results from performance related anxiety
  • Problems with learning lines or a difficult score

Or does stress get to you whilst on stage and as a result -   

  • Do you get distracted by negative thoughts?
  • Do you have issues with bow control if you're a string player?
  • Do you vave problems with breath control if you're a singer or a woodwind player?
  • Do you have problems with remembering your lines or music
Then, what about when it's all over? 
  • Do you have emotional problems with getting out of character after a challenging acting role?
  • Is pain and fatigue a problem either before or after a performance?
  • Do you feel dejected or depressed by lack of work,  financial problems, negative feed-back, or poor reviews?
If the answer is yes to any or all of the above then EFT is an empowering and elegant solution to these problems.
Here are some comments from a couple of performers who have found EFT useful.

"Danuta is a wonderfully empathetic and professional EFT practitioner who has shown me the benefits of EFT and its many applications as an emergency tool kit method for dealing with stressful situations. As a musician I have found EFT particularly useful as an aid in managing pre performance nerves."  
M - Opera Singer

"Danuta was so kind and patient in our EFT session, going through the tapping technique until I was completely comfortable with it and taking time to explore the real cause of my anxiety. EFT really helped me in the lead up to my audition and I'm so grateful to her for this."
H - Viola Player