What is EFT and how can it help with performance?

In a nutshell EFT is a self help mindfulness tool and emerging energy psychology which is quick to learn and easy to use. As a practitioner I've used EFT to help performers tackle specific issues eg pre-audition anxiety, line learning and problems with lack of self confidence. Because it deals with underlying causes and limiting beliefs EFT is a particularly elegant way to effectively deal with a host of other issues like stage fright, fear of public speaking, performance related panic attacks. It's also been shown to enhance cognitive function, exam performance  and improve poor self esteem in students.

For anyone who needs to perform in front of an audience, I've also seen how effective EFT can be as a first aid tool. In this situation EFTcan quickly be used at any time when stress levels, anxiety or emotions run high. Let's say before a performance or audition. For that reason EFT is a particularly good way of  deal with the disabiling effects of stage fright for instance. However, the applications for performance are almost endless. 



So, from stand-up to Shakespeare, ballet to the board room, with commitment and an honest  mindful approach to EFT it is possible to  -

  • Improve your ability to remember lines or a challenging musical score
  • Reduce  pre audition/performance anxiety
  • Overcome or reduce the impact of stage fright
  • Reduce or eliminate the fear of public speaking
  • Eliminate panic attacks
  • Deal effectively with emotional concerns off stage so that you can perform unhampered on stage
  • Better manage the emotional aspects of getting out of character after a challenging role
  • Manage the depression or low mood that can be brought on by employment instability, negative feedback or poor reviews 
  • Reduce the disabling effects of fatigue

EFT deals with root causes and, by so doing, effectively reduces or eliminates stress, anxiety and other performance related challenges. As a result  of eliminating self imposed barriers to achieving full potential -  like  stage fright and the anxiety associated with performance - professionalism is enhanced. Enjoyment fills the void and life generally just gets that much better.