About me - 

I am a registered nurse/midwife, with certificates in  life coaching and counselling and I bring to the world a range of inter-personal skills that comes with a 40 year career in the health care sector. I am also an AAMET Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, with interests in yoga, meditation and other mindfulness tools.  Other interests include aromatherapy and nutrition. I am also a laughter yoga leader. 

I have a passion for the arts and literature and playing instruments, singing, creating music and writing continues to be central to who I am. Over the years I've been involved in different musical activities at the Sage Gateshead, where I've had plenty of opportunities to perform. The Sage has an established and successful outreach programme for the over 50s and I've become an active participant. I am a guest contributor to the Silver News - the programme's magazine and I also write a health and fitness blog for older women, which  combines my twin passions: writing and helping others. 

This year I've had the privilege to work with an opera student and violinist using EFT and, in the summer, assisted at an EFT workshop at Oxenfoord - a prestigious opera summer school - where I had the experience of working with a television actor. 

Stemming from my passion for the arts I am keen to hear from actors, musicians, singers, or other performers who  need to effectively manage stage fright, anxiety or other emotional issues that can hamper or frustrate potential, performance and ambitions.  

During my professional nursing career I have also had extensive experience in delivering quality training and public speaking. So I appreciate the emotional issues involved in this area. If you are required to speak in public but your performance is hampered by either anxiety or stage fright, then EFT can help.

I look forward to being of service.