Group EFT

EFT is a great way for a creative group to work together to achieve a collective goal.  As with the 1:1 or individual tapping the format is just the same. The applications for performers are many and varied.

For instance, let's take actors. EFT done in a group setting can address  - 

  • Stagefright
  • Pre/performance related anxiety
  • Low self esteem/vulnerablity
  • Problems with line learning
  • Issues with inter-personal relationships

EFT and method acting particularly dove-tail nicely together. If you are keen to access your full potential as an artist, or you run a performing arts course adding EFT would be a real enhancement; with demonstrable benefits to both the esteem of your students and  their performance.

I am particlularly keen to work with acting schools and others out there who are educating our next wave of performing artists; those  who bring to the world their unique gifts that we we all love and enjoy. I can put together a tailor-made work-shop package that would fit into any curriculum. I have recently ran a number of EFT/energy workshops with some great feedback.

The basic starter package is a 2 hour interactive intro to EFT.

For a longer workshop I can also combine EFT with Laughter Yoga  - a unique exercise concept, that is an innovative  way to kick start any training.  Ideally, the Laughter Yoga session is an hour and this gets the participants interacting and out of their comfort zones.

EFT is an elegant tool that any artist or collective can employ to enable them to achieve and maintain their full potential. It is empowering and provides real, tangible lasting results. So, if you're at the forefront of performance education or training, enhance your prestige by including EFT to your portfolio.


Individual EFT

As a client you can expect our encounter to have real therapeutic value. I care about you and the contribution you make to the world and have an empathic and honest approach. I adhere to high standards of professional codes of conduct and full confidentiality is guarenteed.   

If you are interested but would like an opportunity to discuss things further simply click on the contact form above. I will then get back to you and we can have a brief telephone conversation to discuss what your main issues are. If you agree to go further this is what happens next. 

  • A client information form is sent out for completion, which must be returned prior to the first session

  • An introductory meeting is then arranged at which you can expect a more deeper exploration of the issues

  • A mutual agreement is then sought about whether or not to proceed

In the event of both parties agreeing to proceed a confidentiality agreement is then made.

As  a client you then agree to a minimum of x 4 1 hour sessions, after which an assessment is made as to whether further sessions are required.

An agreement is then reached about -

  • Session location
  • Start date
  • Fee
  • Cancellation policy

You can expect the EFT session to be a 1:1 face to face encounter. If you live in the north east of England this can take place in a mutually convenient location. Alternatively, if you prefer, Skype sessions can be arranged.

So, if you're a performing artist, or you need to improve your public speaking,  I look forward to hearing from you to discuss ways in which I can help you achieve your full potential. The results are enduring and can be achieved quickly. . 

Quite apart from the benefits to your career (as important as all of that is) choosing EFT for yourself is an investment  in your health and wellbeing for now and the future. Beyond that the work you do with EFT will have other knock on effects and you might notice improvements in your relationships both in your personal and professional life.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to unlock your potential and make you feel good about yourself. 


I can be contacted via my email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or via the contact form.