Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for singers, actors & musicians.

Hope you managed to have some quality time over the recent holiday period. Just before the Easter break I completed my 40 day EFT retreat.  As promised  here is a brief over view of how I found the entire process.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for singers, actors & musicians.

Firstly, I did manage a session a day for 40 days - which is quite a challenge in itself. If I'm honest I was glad to finish and have the commitment of a daily practise off my agenda. However, to get balanced and cleansed, some kind of regular EFT practise is well worth doing; possibly weekly or monthly. Maybe even timing it with a new or full moon. What  a magical thing to do for yourself!

Keeping a journal also proved useful and, looking over my notes, I can definitely see some common threads. Without doubt at the heart of  effective EFT lies insight and clarity. Don't be afraid of your problems. Knowing what your issues are is always a good starting point. EFT can then help with the resolution.

Over the weeks I experimented with use of language whilst tapping and was astonished to learn how vital it is to be both accepting and completely honest with yourself. I also introduced different patterns of tapping eg exception and powerful paradoxical tapping, which always work well for me. If you're looking for a handy reference book to help with EFT tapping techniques I can recommend The EFT Collection by Andy Hunt.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for singers, actors & musicians.

I also learnt that what you think might be the problem may not necessarily be the case. For instance take the issue of  physical pain. As curious as it may seem it's been my experience that pain eases and sometimes disappears after dealing with issues that seem unrelated. If you do give EFT a try remember this if you get stuck and nothing seems to be happening. Firstly, maybe your approach is too global. Tapping for pain relief, for example, needs  to be focused and specific. It may even help to think of it as an  emotion to work on. Beyond that though maybe the problem (ie the pain) is not the problem and you need to look elsewhere.

Then there's the issue of limiting beliefs. What an  eye-opener. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I was convinced that I didn't have any! However,  how that changed when I really got down to it. Without doubt working on limiting beliefs has proved to be really effective.

Overall, I used my EFT practise to deal with every day  issues like  tiredness and pain. However, so much more came up that I worked on;  like issues from the past, resistance, fear. As a result I  noticed some real benefits to the here and now in a number of important areas in my life.

Some grand claims are made for EFT. I can't promise that doing EFT will make you slimmer, wealthier or more attractive. However, it's my experience that EFT is a great self help tool that enables you to achieve your potential and get the most out of life.

It's probably worth saying that if you want to use EFT to help clear long standing complex issues that are causing chronic problems, then you may need help from a qualified EFT practitioner. Whatever you decide to do though, if you're new to EFT and want to learn more, Gary Craig, the founder of the system, is probably the best place to start.

EFT is a simple, yet useful and effective mindfulness tool that anyone can use. My EFT retreat is now complete. However, I'm definitely going to incorporate regular EFT practise  into my life. I hope you might feel inspired to do the same.  

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for singers, actors & musicians.